“bike me up”, in cooperation with the “Bike Odyssey” adventure race, integrate a new participants’ category group for e-bikes.

 We will create a group of 10 riders max for each part and we will participate in the 3 parts of  race as a company of friends, who are more focusing on expanding their personal capabilities than competing with the other athletes.

We will explore the astonishing mountainous Greek mainland, biking on the ridge of the central and south part of Pindos mountain.




bikemeup in bike Odyssey

We participate in the biggest event mountain bike race in Greece the bike odyssey.
The bike Odyssey is one of the toughest races in the world with a total of 620 km and 19.800m positive elevations in 8 days covering the mountainous crossing of Pindos.
After our last experience in Southern 3-day event this year will participate in the following 3 parts:

  • 8 days race - 8 stages - full race from Smixi to Naupaktos(620 km-57 villages) from 18 to 25 June 2017
  • 3 days race - 3 stages - North race from Smixi to Pili(208 km- 32 villages) from 18 to 20 June 2017
  • 3 days race - 3 stages - South race from Krikelo to Naupaktos(220 km- 25 villages) from 23 to 25 June 2017

 From Smixi until Naupaktos trough the Pindos mountains and national park Valia Calda. Our ally in this grueling test electric power-assisted our pedelec bikes  which we are daily doing average 85 km and 2,800 positive elevation on forest roads, ridges, through rivers and unknown villages. Our aim is to participate as a tourist group no rivalry between us and between the other racers to wander in virgin places, to experience the purity of nature have fun together in villages- stops to photograph beautiful landscapes and terminate Odyssey.

Basic package = 390,00 euro per 3days/ 860,00 euro per 8 days

Details :
• Participation in the 3-day struggle and insurance of the participant from the organization
• Rental electric mountain bike cycling by providing supplies and technical support.
• Transfer competitor and cycling from Athens to start (Smixi) and termination (Pili-Trikala) to Athens.
• Transfer of the property between the stages of the event.
• Rescue teams cover medical care and first aid.
• Supply three points during each stage with local products and energy-rich meals
• Informative screenings before each stage.
• Broom - transfer in case of failure.
• Athlete and time number (at predetermined points during the stage and at termination)
• Spaces for camping overnight stay.

Full package = 465,00 euro per 3days/ 1.035,00 euro per 8 days
Basic includes an extra 3 or 8 nights in a double room divided by teammate.

Premium package = 570,00 euro per 3days/1.280,00 euro per 8 days
Basic includes an extra 3 or 8  nights in a single room and breakfast daily.

For more details on this unique cycling adventure can visit the official website of Bike Odyssey http://bikeodyssey.gr/el/

We accept reservations until 30/12/16 23:59 in info@bikemeup.gr. Given the small number of our e-bike (10 e-bikes for rent)  will be a strict order of priority