The Greek mountains offer landscapes of incomparable beauty while, at the same time, they provide oxygen and shade during the hot summer months. However, all these can be enjoyed by first reaching an altitude of about 900 meters where forests usually start growing.

The outings of bike me up do not only address to athletes or people with excellent physical condition, but to all people and ages.  Any average person, who follows the modern lifestyle (urban, sedentary work, low exercise levels) in their everyday lives, can without much effort cover 25-35 km in Greek forest roads on the electric power-assisted bicycles of pedelec type which we have chosen for our tours.







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The mountain bikes of bike me up are Haibike, made in Germany (SDURO HARDSEVEN 4.0) with the latest generation Yamaha motor. They combine top quality features, power and reliability, while their specifications are compatible with all the laws and regulations of the European Union. They have three levels of power assistance, so that the rider can choose the level of thrust he/she desires. The maximum of the motor amplification on the pedal can reach up to 280% of the power of the user thus providing significant help, especially on steep routes.

The frame of the bike follows the same quality construction philosophy as it is heavily reinforced and armed by complete peripherals such as adjustable oil dampers, 9 gears and high quality disc brakes.

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