Greece is an ideal place for mountain biking. Although it is mostly known abroad for its beautiful beaches, picturesque islands and crystal clear sea, our country also features a well hidden treasure of unspoiled mountains, virgin forests, remote ravines, deep gorges and lakes, rivers and streams of unique beauty. Our country is perhaps the only one in Europe where places of unique and wild beauty are in such close proximity to points of human habitation and economic activity.

The ally of the visitor who cares to explore these areas is the famous climate of the country which provides long spells of sunshine and a crystal clear atmosphere, which offers distinct experiences of landscape enjoyment.

Thanks to this climate and especially thanks to the mild winter, the team of bike me up can offer guided mountain bike tours almost all year round. During the hot summer months there are many regions such as Pelion and Aegina, where the visitor can enjoy the coolness of the mountain along with the sea breeze. Another advantage offered by Greece is the tourist experience of a bygone era, as the visitor can get to know not only the place but also the people who live there, discover their daily habits and take part in this so different lifestyle.

The traditional concept of tourism is the heart of the trip planning in bike me up so that the visitor does not only live the enjoyment of mountain biking, but also get to know the Greek history and culture, taste the authentic, homemade Greek cuisine and discover the exquisite flavors of traditional Greek products.