Are you ready for a unique mountain bike experience?  If so, we will visit Pelio. In Greek mythology, Pelion was the summer residence of the Olympian Gods and the home of the Centaurs? Mount Pelion, a so beautiful mount, took its name from the mythical king Peleus, father of Achilles. It was the homeland of Chiron the Centaur, tutor of many ancient Greek heroes, such as JasonAchilles, Theseus, and Heracles. So, be ready to explore together, by cycling, all the secrets of the famous mountain?


Today, Mt. Pelion is part of the Magnesia regional unit, with Volos as its capital city. We will cycle at 1,400 m. through towering beeches in a breath-taking view. Are you ready to embrace twenty-four “Pelioritika” villages in seven days? Be ready, then, to start cycling along the train line, observing the restored train which once connected Volos with the mountain villages. You know modern Pelion's villages retain traditional Pelian architecture and construction, with stone buildings made out of expertly carved local grey, blue, or green slate and red clay. We can take amazing pictures! 


As we cycling, in this haven for mountain bikers which  is covered with shady forests and f running waters we will admire a unique panorama where Pelion offers to us, with  views of the valley, the mountains of western Magnesia, Mount Olympus, the plain of Thessaly and its nearby mountains, Mavrovouni, Euboea, Central Greece, and the northern Sporades islands. Depending on the humidity of the atmosphere, we can view the holly mountains of Agio Oros from our e-bikes! 


A so delicious piece of information is that we will taste magnificent and delicious homemade pies as well as fresh sea-food “mezedes” in the famous “tsipouradika” of Volos. Finally, following the route at the olive groves and crossing the bridge of Evaristo De Chirico, we will return to our company’s transfer car ready for a rested return in Athens.


See you soon :-)







1. Athens - DAY 1

Hotel overnight in Athens


We will cycle past historic and archaeological sites, picturesque, old neighborhoods, the heart of the shopping center, but also traditional Athenian places of green suitable for walking and recreation.

At the afternnon we will travel from Athens to Pelion


2. Afetes - Neochori - Siki - Afetes - DAY 2

  • 09:00 meeting outside the village of Afetes, departure
  • Direction to Platanorema
  • Pass from an artificial lake and its dam, head for Neochori
  • 10:00 arrival at Neochori, stop
  • 10:30 departure from Neochori for Siki through a semi-mountainous Natura coastal        route
  • 11:30 arrival at Siki, stop for rest and meal
  • 13:00 departure from Siki, direction towards the stone quarries
  • 14:30 arrival outside the village of Afetes, end of excursion
  • Swimming at the beach of Afissos
  • Excursion Details: Distance 31.1 km. / MA 582 m. / Min.A 171 m. / DA 411 m. / S75-     A25 / DD 2.5: 5
  • Offers: snacks, water, swimming at organized beach(weather prohibited)




3. Ano Gatzea - Agios Vlassis - De Chirico - Museum - Ano Gatzea - DAY 3

  • 09:00 meeting at the village of Ano Gatzea, departure
  • Pass from the Holy Monastery of Trinity & the Holy Monastery of Great Savior
  • Pass from olive groves and streams
  • Pass out of Lechonia village
  • Pass from the train line and the bridge of Evaristo De Chiriko
  • 12:00 arrival at the railway station of Ano Gatzea, visit the Museum of Oil
  • 13:30 arrival at Ano Gatzea - end of excursion
  • Excursion Details: Distance 19.2 km. / MA 514 m. / Min.A 65 m. / DA 449 m. / S85-A15 / DD 2: 5
  • Offers: snacks, water.





4. Hania - Agia Kyriaki - Hania - DAY 4

  • 09:00 meeting outside Hania - departure
  • Direction to aviation radar
  • Pass from "Pliasidi" area, direction to "Psili Petra"
  • Pass out of Zagora
  • 12:00 arrival at Aghia Kyriaki, a suburb of Zagora; stop for rest and meal
  • 13:30 departure from Aghia Kyriaki heading for Hania
  • 14:30 arrival at Hania, end of excursion
  • Excursion Details: Distance 34.5 km. / MA 1,502 m. / Min.A 467 m. / DA 1,359 m. / S80-A20 / DD 3: 5
  • Offers: snacks, water.




5. Alli Meria - Stagiates - Makrinitsa - Portaria - Alli Meria - DAY 5

  • 09:00 meeting outside Alli Meria, a suburb of Volos - departure
  • Direction to Ano Volos & Stagiates
  • Pass from Stagiates, direction to Makrinitsa
  • 10:00 arrival at Makrinitsa, stop
  • 10:30 departure from Makrinitsa towards Prophitis Ilias & "Prano Isoma"
  • Pass from Portaria & Stagiates
  • 13:00 arrival out of Alli Meria, end of excursion
  • Excursion Details: Distance 31.9 km. / MA 1,162 m. / Min.A 232 m. / DA 930 m. / S80-A20 / DD 3:5
  • Offers: snacks, water.




6. Milies - Pelion Balcony - Pinakates - Vizitsa - Milies - DAY 6

09:00 meeting in Milies, start of excursion

  • Pass from Milies Ravine & the Spring of Koromila
  • Mountainous pass of Vyzitsa
  • Pass from "Kourventeli" area and a virgin beech forest
  • 11:30 stop in the forest
  • Downward passage from Alexaiika & Pinakates
  • Pass from Vizitsa towards Milies
  • 14:30 arrival at Milies, end of tour
  • Excursion Details: Distance 26.1 km. / MA 1,145 m. / Min.A 329 m. / DA 816 m. / S65-A35 / DD 4.5: 5
  • Offers: snacks, water


7. Meteora & Return to Athens - DAY 7

Visit Meteora, a light hiking route and return back to Athens



Basic Package

·       Electric Mountain-Bicycle Hire - HAIBIKE SDURO HARDSEVEN 4.0 model 2017

·       Equipment - Helmet, Handle-bar bag

·       Professional Guide - MIAS, RTI

·       Maped Route & Sightseeing Guiding

·       Snack & Water (for every route - excursion)

·       Bike Service and Spare Parts (wheel air-tubes etc)

·       Insurance

·       VAT

Basic Package + Accommodation

·       All the above + Accomodation to Traditional Boutique Hotels (in a double bed room)

·       Breakfast

Basic Package + Accommodation + Trasfer

·       All the above + Full Transfer with a private Mini-Bus



·       Air Tickets 

·       Transfer From - To Athens International Airport 

·       Single bed Room (can be offered on request) 

·       Lunch & Dinner