This one day cycling tour takes place in Parnitha mountain and especially at the summer palace  of the former Royal Family of Greece situated in Tatoi , the ancient Dekelia area. The palace is built in 10.000 acre estate which includes numerous well preserved stone buildings of unique beauty and architectural value and the Royal Cemetery.

In the past, the estate except for a royal residence was  a self sufficient agricultural and livestock unit that its products would cater for the daily needs of the royal family as well as the ones of their visitors.  


    • 09:30 meeting in Leuka Entrance (upper gate of the Royal estates), start excursion
    • Visit to the residential complex of the Palace
    • Visit to the funerary complex & Mausoleum
    • Passages from the roads of the Royal estates
    • 11:15 departure to source 
    • Stop at source
    • Departure to intimate Stourm & perimeter route royal estate
    • Passage of the ancient settlement of ancient Dhekelia
    • 13:00 arrival in Leuka Entrance (upper gate of the Royal estates), picnic, excursion completion

      Excursion Details: Distance 21,9 km / ΜA 548 m / Min.A 402 m / DA 146 m / S95-Α05 / DD 2,5:5
      Offered:  snak, water, sandwich & juice

Note: MA=maximum altitude, Min.A=minimum altitude, DA=Difference of altitudes, S=Soil, A=Asphalt, DD=Degree of difficulty

21,9 km





This tour takes you through scenic passages to pine lined streets, quiet forest trails next to sources and streams whose cool waters babble all year round.

We will have the chance to admire a great variety of greenery including tall shade trees, dense bushes and green meadows in close proximity to noisy Athens by enjoying the coolness of  mountain  Parnitha’s east slope.

We will kick off the tour from the forest area of ‘platanos’, a couple of meters away from the outer outpost of the estate. We’ll be cycling across the area in the green meadows of the estate and we will follow a trail which leads to the former dairy and restaurant.

After reaching the old cowshed, we’ll climb up the poplar lined road heading towards the Royal cemetery which is located in the perimeter of the estate. We will have our first stop at the tombs and the Mausoleum before going downhill towards the old police station called ‘The Ypaspistirio’. Then we will turn left, we will cycle past the residential caregiver and gardener to make our next stop at the royal mansion and pool.  There, the vegetation becomes really thick because of the water basin that running waters create. Leaving the royal residence behind, we are riding towards the petrol station, the hotel, the personnel quarters and the government house.

Along the way, we have visual contact with all the charming stone houses that maintain their architectural characteristics of their time, bearing royal symbols that are visible in many buildings.

Heading off south towards Krioneri, we leave the building complex behind and we have the chance to admire the pine forest that surrounds the estate by having a round trip from our starting point with next destination Kithara pond.  The ascent takes place along the stream and crossing the little river, we will find ourselves at the artificial lake Kithara that it was named after like this because of its characteristic shape. We can enjoy some refreshing water and we’ll follow the forest trail that leads to the north spring of the estate while gazing at the pine wooded area on the right, and opposite Penteli , the foot of Dionysos mountain and the area of Ekali.

Toward the end of the tour, we will cross over the road that leads to Katsimidi and we found ourselves in the east part of the estate, north of the House Sturm and we pedal along a shady forest trail till we reach back our starting point. 

Start Point

Alernative Start Point



  • Electric mountain bikes Pedelec type
  • Picnic with the completion of the route
  • Bicycle equipment (helmet, lights, transport bag small items)
  • Guide - Companion
  • Mapped route
  • Snacks & Water
  • Transportation to and from the route starting point (with charge)*


  • Transportation to and from the route starting point (without charge)*
  • Participants Insurance (available at a cost of 16 € / person)